An Open Letter.

For me and my community, 2015 ended in absolute disaster. You might have heard that Midleton, Co. Cork was amongst numerous towns in Ireland that got a total hammering from “Storm Frank” at the end of December 2015. This caused quite devastating flood damage throughout the town. From businesses to homes it turned into a bleak few days around the town. My estate was one of the ones badly affected in an area that many were certain would never flood.

I want to firstly extend extreme thanks and gratitude to the Civil Defence who helped my family amongst most, if not all families in a major way over these testing times. I also would like to extend this to the local fire brigade who have been literally working non stop for the last few days to keep the water at bay. Without these hard working men and women god knows what kind of a state we would be in!

To the people of Midleton and surrounding towns who have been more than helpful and supportive. To the Hotels, B&B’s and just normal people offering up complimentary rooms to those who need it. To the members of the tidy towns and town council who have come out to help. To the farmers who have offered up their time and machinery to help pump water. To everyone who personally have offered myself and my family words of encouragement and help. To the Facebook pages keeping everyone around Cork and Midleton updated on the situation. THANK YOU. The work and commitment these people have put in is immense and is not going unappreciated.

Photos taken from: Cork Flood Alerts on Facebook.

In spite of the tragedy it has blown me away how much our community has come together and lend each other a hand and support each other. We are down but certainly not out. It’ll take a lot more than that to keep us down. The people of Midleton are amazing.

This is a time where emotions are certainly running high, many people feel sadness, others feeling anger, most people experiencing a mixture of both. One thing I do know for sure is that above all the heartbreak of seeing my home in the state it was left, I am so lucky and relieved that nobody was seriously hurt or killed.

I would like to wish the absolute best of luck to everyone affected who faces the huge rebuild that follows. 2016 can only look up from here.

Until Next Time and Happy New Year,

P.S. Videos on hold for just a little while while everything gets somewhat sorted!

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