Apple Releases $300 Picture Book. No, Really

“Designed by Apple in California” is set to be probably the world’s most expensive picture book. The $300 book which goes on sale today on and in select Apple Stores documents Apple’s rise in the tech industry with 450 images of their products. Covering products such as 1998’s iMac and 2015’s Apple Pencil, the book which has been dedicated in memory of Steve Jobs is the perfect gift for any of the delusional consumerists in your life!

This is the kind of content you would expect from Apple's new book. (Picture:
This is the kind of content you would expect from Apple’s new book. (Picture:

Seriously, who wants to buy a ridiculously expensive book that literally only contains images of ridiculously expensive technology? Don’t get me wrong here, I love Apple products! But selling a $300 catalogue is crazy! Also, how are you going to sell a book in memory of Stee Jobs that showcases something he’d have never wanted in the Apple Pen? That man once said, and I quote:

“So let’s not use a stylus. We’re going to use the best pointing device in the world. We’re going to use a pointing device that we’re all born with – born with ten of them. We’re going to use our fingers.”

I haven’t even mentioned the best bit, the book has two versions! There’s a smaller version of the book, think of it as the iBook nano. This smaller version of the book is $100 cheaper. Leave it to Apple to release two versions of the same expensive picture book.

The book comes in two sizes: Small for $199 and Large for $299
The book comes in two sizes: Small for $199 and Large for $299 (Picture:

All joking and ranting aside, “Designed by Apple in California” is a really nice ode to the designers who have worked on designing the revolutionary products that Apple put out each year. You can’t argue that Apple is unrivalled when it comes to design and aesthetics.




This may be the most Apple product that Apple has ever released. I don’t know how someone could justify spending $200-$300 on a book of pictures you can definitely find on the internet. God knows these will certainly sell, and sell well! Apple has consumerism cracked down like nobody else! If you’re a crazy motherfucker who wants to spend crazy amounts of money on the iPictureBook you can do so HERE.

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