Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice – Quick Review

Last night I finally went to see Batman V Superman. Critiques have been absolutely dragging this movie which many are saying turned out to be a disappointment (reference sad Ben Affleck). I’m going to give my extremely short and sweet review on my experience with Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. Spoilers.

Batman V Superman

Although not a big DC fan in the slightest, I actually enjoyed the movie. As much as I wanted to hate him, Ben Affleck surprised me playing Batman, I’m probably in the extreme minority in saying that I actually really enjoyed him in the role. Also a big fan of the new Batsuit! Superman was kind of meh though.

In case you don’t know, the movie pits Bruce Wayne against Clark Kent, or, Batman against Superman. Batman’s mad because when Superman “saves the day” he ends up mostly doing more bad than good. Superman is mad because, well Superman is kind of a dick. Also, Lois Lane is fucking dreadful in this movie. Lex Luther, on the other hand, is portrayed fucking incredibly! I really was a massive fan of how Mark Zuckerberg portrayed the villain.

Wonder Woman also makes an appearance in the movie and it was from this point on that the movie got tacky as hell. To save time, I’m going to summarize the end of the movie as best I can.

Mark Zuckerberg kidnaps Supermans mother who also has the same name as Batman’s mother. Zuckerberg wants Superman to kill Batman and Batman wants to kill Superman. They fight to the death until Batman is within seconds of killing Superman and learns that their mothers share the same name. THEN THEY BECOME BEST FRIENDS.. I wish that was a joke. They then team up along with Wonder Woman to fight Shrek-Zilla which is a monster that Mark Zuckerberg reincarnated or something, of course, the good guys win but at one cost. Superman fucking dies. BATMAN WINS. THE END.

Overall Batman V Superman V Mark Zuckerberg V Wonder Woman V Shrek-Zilla the original mutant ninja turtle V The City of Gotham gets 3.5/5


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