Ed Sheeran live at Croke Park!

Ed Sheeran is a singer I’ve wanted to see live for a few years now but any time he’s come to Ireland there’s always something that prevented me from seeing him. Last night I finally got to see the man in one of the biggest shows of his career. For two hours straight, Ed had the sold out crowd of 80,000 people singing, dancing and just plain out losing it as he played song after song with just his guitar and loop pedal.


Seeing how he can pull off such a big show with no band or backing singers just proves that Ed Sheeran is by far one of the most talented people in the music business today. He basically builds his songs from the ground up using his guitar and loop pedal all by himself, it’s incredible to say the least!

Being honest, I was a bit sceptical that just Ed and guitar wouldn’t work in a sold out crowd of 80,000 but thankfully I couldn’t have been more wrong. In comparison to his Wembley shows last week which were his first stadium tours. Ed told the crowd that last nights show in Coke Park had nothing but excitement attached to it saying he had absolutely no nerves about it.

For his Wembley shows he had Elton John come on stage as a special guest. For last nights show Ed surprised the crowd with Kodaline and it was incredible! He joined the Irish band in singing their hit song “All I want” saying that when he heard the song first that he cried. With the whole crowd singing with their phones lighting the stadium like a sea of stars it must have been a huge moment for the band who are still relatively new!


I also need to comment on how sick Ed Sheeran would be as a rapper. At one point he went from “soft singing voice of an angel” Ed Sheeran to “Imma fuck you up while I spit some fire bars” Ed Sheeran and it was amazing! The stage set up and lights were like something I’ve never seen they were simply awesome!

Along with all of his hit songs Sheeran also made some time to sing some Stevie Wonder covers and classic Irish songs in “Raglan Road” and “The Parting Glass”. During The Parting Glass especially I was amazed at how one man could silence a sold out stadium while he sang. Absolutely chilling stuff!


Everything about this show was perfect (Except for the EXTREME display of PDA happening). Ed having Irish roots played a big part in the show too saying that Ireland is probably his favourite place to play and by the big grin on his face throughout the show he looked to have genuinely meant it!

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Full Setlist(via Setlist.fm):
I’m a Mess
Lego House
Take It Back / Superstition / Ain’t No Sunshine
Raglan Road  (Luke Kelly cover)
Tenerife Sea
Don’t / Loyal / No Diggity / Nina
Feeling Good / I See Fire
All I Want  (with Kodaline)
Give Me Love
I Was Made to Love Her  (Stevie Wonder cover)
Thinking Out Loud
The A-Team

You Need Me, I Don’t Need You / In Da Club / Fancy
The Parting Glass

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