Electric Picnic 2018 – Saturday

Alrighty, day 2 of Electric Picnic was much more music-filled than day 1. With slightly sick heads, we spent the morning strolling around the main arena to get our bearings around the place. We ended up in Body & Soul (one of the nicest areas in the festival) and caught our first act.

Tracy Bruen

I’m not going to act like we didn’t catch this set by pure chance after strolling around and needing a place to sit. We lay in the sun and listened to the end of her set. It was actually really fun. There were a lot of families around which was nice to see and the stage setup was class. The stage was situated at the bottom of a hill so everyone could sit around in almost an amphitheater setting. Tracy Bruen and her band were great, it was a nice chill way to start off our day. 7/10

Hudson Taylor

Lads, I seriously cannot stress enough how much fun we had at this show. Seeing as we were still a bit rough around the edges, we said we’d make our way to the main stage to sit down and listen to these guys for 5 minutes before heading back to the campsite. One song in and we were HOOKED. I’d heard the name around with years but never really bothered to properly listen to their music. I regret this now because these lads are amazing. They turned the whole main stage into a party. I think this was the liveliest crowd I’d seen all weekend. Everyone was smiling, dancing, and singing their hearts out. It was beautiful. Hudson Taylor have certainly converted me into a massive fan after their performance! I definitely need to see these guys again. 9.5/10

Sigrid – Secret Set

On our way back to the campsite after Hudson Taylor, we passed the Other Voices stage and noticed a huge crowd. People were literally flooding out the doors of the church-like stage so we decided to take a run in to check it out. Sure wasn’t it only Sigrid inside doing a secret set. That was one of my favourite things about the Other Voices stage, they had empty timeslots throughout the weekend with surprise performances (they had Passenger on the Friday night).

I saw Sigrid performing at Longitude this year and was instantly drawn to her laid-back attitude and of course her voice. She sounds extremely similar to how she does on the radio, massive talent! We caught the last song of her secret set at EP and it was absolutely lovely. We didn’t make it to her main set later on in the day but you might have seen the videos of her crying at the end in reaction to the massive support she got from the crowd. She’s going to be absolutely huge in the next couple of years and I honestly can’t wait.


We were put onto this guy by our neighbours at the festival. Absolutely class scratch DJ. 8/10

Tom Misch

I literally stopped by his set on the way back from the bathroom for one song and it was groovy as fuck.

Gavin James

Gavin James is a fella I’ve wanted to see live with a while. This was another extremely fun gig to be at. The man just literally loves being on stage and performing. With him only being one album in, I know for a fact that he’s going to absolutely skyrocket over the next few years. Think of an Irish Ed Sheeran that looks like he’d be more craic on a night out. LOVED this show. 9/10

Russell Howard

I’ve been a massive fan of Russell Howard with years so when I saw him on the lineup, I knew I had to be there. He’s a very, very funny man (I suppose that’s his job, dumb statement). The only downside I found about his set is that he got very political and sometimes said things just to get a cheer from the crowd. All that aside, I had literal pains in my side from laughing. Some man. 8/10

Dua Lipa

Dua Lipa drew by far the biggest crowd of the whole weekend on the main stage. I honestly think that all 55,000 people at the festival were there for this one. I mean how could you miss it, literally every single one of her songs are absolute bangers. She’s another person who I was genuinely surprised about how great they sound live. I personally think she should have been a main headliner but with her being another extremely talented person who’s still only one album in, I know her time will come. 9.5/10 

P.S. I also want to marry her, so Dua if you’re reading this…


This was another act I sort of stumbled upon on my way back to the campsite. Caught one of his songs in the Other Voices stage which I think was a surprise set. Just like with Sigrid, the place was jammers to the point that I had to go to the side and peek in just to get a glimpse of the stage. I enjoyed the song I heard, don’t know what it was called or anything but it was great!


This was my third time seeing Pharrell Williams live. The other two times he was opening for other acts so it was nice to catch him doing his own headline thing. This was the first gig of the weekend that I went to alone (my buddy, Rob opted to see Ben Howard, more on that later). I was actually surprised how small the crowd was for this. I found a nice spot for myself towards the back but still relatively close to the stage, it was perfect.

Obviously this was a NERD show so we didn’t get any Pharrell solo stuff besides a bit in the middle where they played a load of songs he featured on over the speaker (it was actually class. We got some Beyoncé, Migos and Snoop Dogg!) Obviously NERD were much bigger like 12 years ago but their latest album is a slap so the whole show was really good. Like Kendrick, I was partial to their older stuff but the whole show was extremely lit (as the kids would say).

They finished it off with their latest hit, Lemon. Two people were brought up on the stage from the crowd and one of them literally spent the whole time dancing from one end of the stage to the other and I honestly want to someday achieve that kind of happiness. The man was truly living his best life. 9/10

Ben Howard

Ben Howard. Now, I only know a few of his songs and only caught the last 20 or so minutes but this was honestly such a boring show. I got absolutely no energy from the man (I must have been missing something because the crowd was absolutely EATING his sad, slow set up). Rob, who made the terrible decision to see him over NERD ended up leaving early to come find me because it was so bad. After NERD finished we went back to Ben Howard to see if he got any better. He apparently didn’t. Sorry, Ben. 3/10

The Coronas

The Coronas (along with Picture This but more about that in the next post), are a band that always seem to be playing everywhere but a band that I’ve never seen live despite really enjoying their music. I wanted to see them at The Marquee in Cork this year but it clashed with Longitude so seeing them added to the EP lineup was very welcome for me. We had to choose between them and Massive Attack who I also wouldn’t have minded seeing but I’m glad I didn’t because most people we spoke to after said they were poor.

I really enjoyed The Coronas’ set despite being absolutely WRECKED at this point because the Saturday headliners didn’t start until after midnight (I am literally an old man stuck in a 23-year-olds’ body). This was another set where the crowd’s energy bounced off that of the performers. Ireland just fucking love The Coronas and now I can see why. They’re the type of band where if you weren’t a hardcore fan, you’d still really enjoy the show because they have loads of songs that even I didn’t realise was from them. Another major thing that added to their gig: CONFETTI! I love a good pop of confetti so was only delighted when they fired it out during their last song.

My favourite part of their set, however, was when they brought out a load of big names in the Irish music scene. They were joined by Gavin James, Róisín O, Hudson Taylor, and Ham Sandwich on stage. They all did a cover of Mic Christopher’s ‘Hayday’ and it was such a lovely feelgood moment. The place was HOPPING for their entire set. It was a great way to round off day 2! 9/10

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