Electric Picnic 2018 – Sunday

Okay, so we’re (FINALLY) coming to the end of my Electric Picnic posts. The Sunday was a funny one. I was a defeated man, it was raining, I was starting to feel the hangover set from the previous two days. I had only one option to get me through the last hurdle. Drink. I feel the Sunday was a bit like the Titanic. At the start, it was absolutely fantastic. By the end, not so much. Anyways, let’s swiftly review some music.

Inner Circle

Inner Circle were absolutely fucking class. This was before the rain came and spirits were still relatively high (absolutely 100% powered by Orchard Thieves and Vodka). They played the Main Stage to a very small crowd which suited us to the ground because we had all the space in the world to jam out. And jam out we did. The bad boys of reggae brought the soul to Electric Picnic and everyone was feeling it. One of the highlights of the weekend was definitely when they did ‘Bad Boys’, it was insane. 9/10

Nile Rodgers & CHIC

Next on our list was the iconic Nile Rodgers & CHIC. I was absolutely buzzing all weekend to see this and I wasn’t one bit let down. If I wasn’t such a Kendrick fanboy, this would have been the best show of the whole weekend. As a matter of fact, it probably was. Rattling off all the hits (including a medley of songs that I had absolutely no idea Nile Rodgers worked). I think my favourite part of this set was ‘Get Lucky’ although singing David Bowie’s ‘Let’s Dance’ and a mashup of ‘Good Times’ and ‘Rappers Delight’ were also extremely class moments during this set.

At one point Nile Rodgers took a moment to talk to the crowd about his recent battle with cancer and how we wants to make music forever. It was lovely. I really do hope he makes music forever because the man is a complete legend in the industry. 10/10


After Nile Rodgers & CHIC we sprinted to the Comedy Tent to catch the end of Abandoman. If you don’t know who Abandoman is, I would highly recommend getting familiar with his work. He’s a comedian who deals in improv rap songs using members of the crowd. We only caught his last bit where he had two people from the crowd get up and tell him a minor inconvenience that annoys them in life and he made a whole song about it on the spot. He’s a genius. I might be bias seeing as he mixes my two absolute all time favourite things, Comedy and Hip-Hop.

If I hadn’t seen him perform before, I’d have been genuinely mad that I missed most of his Electric Picnic set. If you ever get the chance to see him do his thing, go.

Cigarettes After Sex

Now this is where the day took a turn. Up until this point, we were living it up on the first class deck of the Titanic going full steam ahead. This is where we hit the iceberg. But not only did we hit the iceberg, we also got dragged down to the very bottom of the ship with no chance of grabbing a lifeboat.

The original plan was to go and see George Ezra on the Main Stage but the heavens opened and we got stuck in the worst rain I’ve probably seen all year. We made a dash to the nearest tent and it just so happened that Cigarettes After Sex were about to perform. Having absolutely no idea who they were or what they sung, we stuck around to listen.

They were terrible. So terrible in fact that I decided to brave the rain after it died down a bit and go get an hours kip as I could feel the hangover setting on the morning drinking we partook in. I think I managed 20 minutes before bunking. 2/10

George Ezra

The good part about leaving Cigarettes After Sex was that I got to catch the last song on George Ezra’s set. ‘Shotgun’. George Ezra has some seriously dedicated fans. Besides Dua Lipa, I think he pulled the biggest crowd of the weekend. Everyone was literally wet for George Ezra really committed to seeing George Ezra. Fair play.

Yxng Bane

On my stroll back to the campsite I wandered into one of the smaller tents where Yxng Bane was performing. Stood for about 5 minutes with just his DJ on stage before he came out saying something about his flight being delayed. Crowd seemed to be feeling it. Stayed for 1 song as I felt the Titanic starting to sink.

I finally made it back to the tent after this and tried my best not to vomit inside it. It was a close one but we kept it down.

Picture This

Picture This were one of the big acts I wanted to see during Electric Picnic. Despite them seemingly always playing around Ireland, I’d never seen them. This was the perfect chance for me to do so. I absolutely loved their set, they really put on a great show was too hungover to go see them. Next.

The Kooks

After battling the hangover, I decided to emerge from my tent and drag myself down to see The Kooks despite almost just throwing the towel in on the weekend. I gave myself a pep talk about how they were literally the last act of the weekend that I wanted to see and I probably wouldn’t get the chance to see them anytime soon/want to spend the money if they came to Ireland.

I’m actually really glad I went in the end. Despite me being on my very last legs, I thoroughly enjoyed their set. I ended up going to this one alone because everyone else wanted to see Prodigy but I ain’t no sheep and didn’t drag my hungover ass out of bed to see people who I know exactly 1 song from.

The show was class, despite not really hearing much from them in the last 5 years or something, The Kooks didn’t dissapoint. There were even a couple of their new songs that I fell in love with. The band were obviously impressive but I think what impressed me the most was looking out into the crowd and seeing a girl standing (yes, literally standing) on top of someone’s shoulders and dancing. She didn’t take a single wobble. I need to know how to get to that level of balance because it was insane. The lead singer even called her out on it. There was also a dope climbed one of the support beams to get a better view. He didn’t fall or anything but my palms were sweating.

I think The Kooks was the perfect chill vibe I needed to end out my amazing weekend at Electric Picnic (although I did catch the last 30 seconds of Prodigy but we’re not counting that). It only took me about a week to resurface after going down with the Electric Picnic Titanic. Overall, the weekend was a success. You can read a full recap of the weekend’s shenanigans here!

Thank you as always for tuning in and taking the time. I already have my tickets booked for next year’s Electric Picnic so let’s do it all again then.

Were you at Electric Picnic this year? If so, what did you think? As always, let’s talk about it on TwitterFacebook & Instagram!

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