GilroysWorld: One Year.


Exactly one year ago today this whole thing began here. It started as nothing more than a small project for college that was meant to run for a few weeks with about 10 or so posts. I enjoyed it so much I took it and made it my own, this whole thing is my proudest work in life. While it started as just a college project, I’m so glad┬áthat I’ve been able to expand it to become so much more. I’ve extended my platform throughout social media such as Facebook and YouTube. Started making videos, including one that went semi-viral. I’ve been contacted by networks about partnerships which I can proudly say I turned down because I knew it wasn’t the right time to “sell out”. I’ve been published in my local paper.

Today marks post number 70 here, in the last 365 days I’ve had close to 12,000 readers in total between and the original blogspot website I had been using. It’s been a crazy year and I want to both top it off and begin year two with a quick thank you! Thank you to everyone who has read, shared and supported over the last year, this really couldn’t have grown without all of that! The foundations are still being laid and this is certainly still only the beginning! There’s plenty more to come!

Until Next Time,

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