Green Day At The Royal Hospital Kilmainham Dublin [Review]

8 pm, Thursday, June 29th, 2017. I’m standing in a wet, muddy field with thousands of strangers packed together like sardines in a tin as The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly blares over the speakers. About 5 minutes before this I had been singing Bohemian Rhapsody at the top of my lungs with these strangers, about 30 seconds later I was about to see my favourite band in the flesh on the stage in front of us. We were soaked to the skin from the rain and we were crushed together but we didn’t care. We were here for Green Day.

Those who know me, know that Green Day has been my all time favourite band since I was 8, American Idiot will always be my favourite album of all time and one that helped shape my childhood. This was a big moment for me. I don’t know if you can even call this a review, more of a post of appreciation because I can tell you now already that it was 11/10 (but of course I’m biased).

The band started the show off with their hit “Know Your Enemy” which really got the crowd jumping but of course, this was just a warm up for the night to come. Hit after hit after hit was the theme for the night from there. A mix of both their newest album “Revolution Radio” and of course, some of their classics.


Crowd participation was a huge part of the show too. From inviting someone on stage to let them jump into the crowd and get surfed around, to bringing a girl on stage to sing the last verse of “Longview” (she absolutely owned the stage for this by the way!), to throwing the mic out to a guy sat on his friends shoulders to lead the crowd for “Are We The Waiting”. The best moment of crowd participation came during their cover of Operation Ivy’s “Knowledge” where they invited a 14-year-old girl named Jennifer Lee to the stage and play the guitar. This was a touching moment ending with Billie Joe sending her backstage and letting her keep the guitar with the band all signing it.

As the night went on, the buzz never left. I even had my own special moment at the show. I brought a flag to the show with “Irish Idiot” written on it to wave around during the show hoping for it to get spotted or something. During “Minority” Billie Joe came to the very front of the stage and in a moment of pure adrenaline, I decided to launch the flag towards the stage and managed to get it to land right at his feet.

I was fully sure that the security guard was going to take the flag as they had been doing all night but not this one. I can’t even fully describe what happened next because it was so insane! I’m beyond lucky that people caught this on video as when I tried to do it I was shaking too much!

The insanity of this moment doesn’t even end there, Billie posted to Instagram after the show and guess who’s flag was featured? I got a lot of nice messages and comments yesterday from strangers all around the world who saw @GiroysWorld written on the flag in the post!

bubblin dublin!! ???! thank you for the hospitality and one hell of a show!! we made it ☔️!!!! ?

A post shared by Billie Joe Armstrong (@billiejoearmstrong) on

Later on, he posted another picture set of Dublin to his Instagram with a different shot of him holding my flag in his mouth, I almost had heart failure. I am absolutely getting that picture professionally printed and framed with my ticket, it’s a moment I’ll never forget.

The only tiny problem I had with the show is that they left out “Waiting” and “2000 Light Years Away” from of the setlist and they are two of my favourite songs. That being said, they added “Welcome to Paradise” to the setlist which probably IS my favourite song so I wasn’t too disappointed!

They closed out the main show with “Forever Now” from their new album with a lot of pyrotechnics, it was fucking amazing.

Of course, they couldn’t stop there as a few minutes after leaving the stage they were back out again to perform “American Idiot” and “Jesus of Suburbia” (another one of my favourite songs) before Billie Joe finally closed the show with acoustic renditions of “Ordinary World”, “21 Guns”, and “Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)” with the help of the crowd.

Reading back, this post doesn’t do the show any justice as I really can’t put it into words. It was amazing. Were you at Green Day in Dublin? Let’s talk about it over on Twitter, Facebook, or Snapchat @GilroysWorld

Check out the full setlist HERE!

Thanks for reading,
Adam Gilroy

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