Why I Love Christmas

I’m writing this on the day before Christmas Eve, extremely hungover from last night.

I had to give up…

I’m writing this on Christmas Eve, not feeling hungover in the slightest. I’m sat by the stove, Christmas tree is lit up. I had chocolate for breakfast this morning and tomorrow’s honey glazed Ham has the kitchen smelling divine.

I just watched the nicest short film on RTÉ about a girl who steals the baby Jesus from the crib at midnight mass to keep him warm. I also saw Santa strike off from the north pole on the news and I’m about to watch Elf (The best Christmas movie ever bar none). All these small things together are exactly why I love Christmas so much. I can’t even fully describe it but if you know, you know.

Winter is a tough time for a lot of people but having Christmas right in the middle of it makes it all worth it (for me anyway). As cliché and cringe as it is, Christmas really is a time for family, friends, food, and drink.

I spent my morning wrapping presents (well, attempting to) and watching random Simpsons’ Christmas episodes before taking a walk through town and going for a drink with my parents.

Tomorrow we’re going to my late grandmother’s house to have one last big Gilroy Christmas dinner with some of my cousins, aunts, and uncles. It’s going to be absolutely lovely despite having one less chair at the table this year. For me, family is everything and to be able to spend Christmas with so many members of mine makes it that much more special.

I just wanted to drop in here to give a few thoughts on Christmas (in case you didn’t know, I love it). Here’s wishing you and yours a happy and safe one.

I’ll see you next week for my 2017 roundup. In the meantime, hit me up on TwitterFacebook, and Instagram for more festive content!


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