I need to get this off my chest

What’s up! Okay, I’ve had this building up for a while and I think it’s finally time to get it off my chest and have a bit of a rant. I don’t want anyone I know to take what I’m about to say personally but fact is, I’ve got beef. Today we’re going to talk about grammar.

I’m going to focus on one particular common mistake that people make (mainly because I want to fall back on the other common grammar mistakes in separate blog posts when the creativity isn’t really flowing). Today’s rant is about the HUGE difference between the words ‘of’ and ‘have’. There are far too many people that I’m connected to across social media that make this MASSIVE mistake when typing out their tweets/status updates/text messages etc. and it’s about time we educate some motherfuckers.

There is so much wrong with the phrases “I could of” and “I should of”. In fact, there’s literally nothing right about these phrases. At all. If you’re guilty of this, please do yourself (and me… mainly me) a favour and replace your ‘of’ with a ‘have’. I probably could of have (badum tss-) crammed this down into a tweet but this counts as content soooooo.

Thanks for allowing me to have a rant. If simple grammar mistakes are your pet peeve too, let’s talk about it on TwitterFacebook & Instagram, if you’re someone who’s guilty of this, please don’t.

If this affects someone you know and love, share it with them.

Until next time,

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