Let’s Talk About The Gillette Ad #TheBestMenCanBe

What’s up! So, unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last two days, you’re probably aware of the new Gillette advertising campaign urging men to be better.

It’s a really nice ad that highlights toxic masculinity and the importance of being a positive role model in society for the younger generation of men. Unfortunately, it’s been met with a lot of backlash from men who have taken offence to it.

If you find this ad offensive, you probably need to have a word with yourself and evaluate your own actions. It’s the same way that some men get upset about the #MeToo and #TimesUp movements. The only way I can see someone being offended is if they recognise some of their own shitty behaviour in the message. Don’t take offence, take inspiration.

The ad is literally urging men to do the bare minimum in being a shitty person. Don’t bully people, don’t harass people, don’t rape people. It’s so easy to do the absolute minimum.

This ad has gotten people in such a heap that they’ve started dumping their Gillette razors. In one case, I saw a grown man throw his razor into his toilet and post a picture of it on Twitter.

Now once that picture was taken, the man has to have done one of two things. He either had to try flushing it and wrecking his plumbing or else he had to bend over, stick his hand into his toilet and take the razor out. Have you ever heard of someone so triggered because an ad on the internet told him not to harass people?

I really could ramble on about this all night but it’s hard to write when the message here is basic common sense.

Fellas, do better. Don’t harass people, if you see one of your pals harassing someone or partaking in some other bullshit, call them out on it. Stop toxic masculinity, talk to your pals, be there for them. Suicide is the biggest killer amongst young men and we have the power to change that.

Be a positive role model for the younguns and watch how much the world can change in 20-30 years.

Gillette hit it on the head with their hashtag. #BeTheBestMenCanBe

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