LISTEN: Ed Sheeran Drops Two New Bangers

After laying low for a whole year, Ed Sheeran returned to social media a few weeks ago and broke the internet with a single blue image. Everyone who knows Ed’s music knew that this was to hype his upcoming album which we now know will follow the math patter of his two previous album and be named ‘Divide’. He’s just dropped two singles from the upcoming project! At 5am this morning (after many subtle hints online) Ed released “Castle on the Hill” and “Shape of You” two absolute tunes with two very well made lyric videos!

“Castle on the Hill” is a  pure nostalgia track, presumably about Ed returning to his home town while reminiscing about growing up here. It has some U2 vibes to it. Beautiful song!


“Shape of You” is another great track! One of Ed’s catchiest songs, it’s a song about lust and sex with a girl he met at a bar. There are some great lyrics in this one!


I feel that this new album is definitely going to cement Ed Sheeran as an absolute legend in the music industry!While we still don’t know much about his upcoming album, he’s due to co-host on BBC Radio at 7am GMT this morning so hopefully we’ll have a clearer picture then! All I can say is, I’m very excited for what’s to come in 2017 from Ed!


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