Longitude 2018

Longitude 2018 Lineup

So last week the Longitude lineup was released. I’m going to try to explain to you what went through my mind when I read it. I was sat at work taking a peek at Twitter (work-related, of course!) and I saw someone retweeted the lineup so I took a look. As I read it my mind filled with doubt. No way could it be real, I only saw J. Cole in Dublin last November and the lineup is far too good (Also, Diplo smack bang in the middle of loads of Hip-Hop acts was sketchy) (Also, also, fucking Lil’ Pump is in the lineup?!). If I saw a lineup this good for somewhere in America, (Where they get class festivals anyway.) I’d still be skeptical as to whether it’s real or not.

I looked more into it and found that it was real. How? Why? What? WHAT? How the hell did we land such an amazing lineup? They’ve transformed it into an almost exclusively Hip-Hop festival with one of my dream lineups. I feel like this lineup is the universe either:

  1. Apologising to me for me not getting Kendrick Lamar tickets.
  2. Baiting me into further disappointment by getting me excited only for me to wind up with no tickets.

With presale tickets going out tomorrow, I have my first of two opportunities to bag these tickets. I fully intend on getting them first try (I’ve given myself confidence by already booking a hotel for the weekend as it’s not camping).

I really can’t believe they’ve landed such a sick lineup. There’s absolutely nothing to fault here. Even though I saw J. Cole only like 4 months ago in the 3 Arena, I’m already buzzing at the thought of seeing him at Longitude. He headlines an absolutely STACKED Friday with Migos and Post Malone taking up the co-headline spots. This is definitely going to be the most popular day of the festival.

While the Friday is amazing, there was one act on the Saturday that sold me immediately. Tyler, The Creator is co-headlining Saturday at this year’s Longitude. I’ve wanted to see this man live with so long and I can finally make the dream come true! His latest album “Flower Boy” was my favourite album of last year so this one will be a special one! Diplo takes the other co-headline spot on the Saturday with Travis Scott headlining. I still can’t believe this is real.

Tyler, The Creator takes to the stage on the Saturday of Longitude

The Sunday sees Beyoncé’s little sister Solange headline (She’s criminally underrated so this is class!) With Sampha and Anderson .Paak co-headlining. I’m super excited for Anderson .Paak too. The thought of grooving in the sun with a beer in my hand to “Come Down” literally keeps me breathing.

With such insane headliners, you’d expect the smaller acts to be a bit mediocre. WRONG! The smaller acts almost outshine the headliners which is absolutely insane. We have Khalid, Cardi B, Giggs (not Ryan), Joey Bada$$, Lil Pump (as much as I think Gucci Gang is absolute shit, I can’t wait to witness it live), bLACKbEAR, 6lack, Princess Nokia, Kali Uchis (I really hope she makes an appearance on Tyler’s set and vice versa), and Big Shaq (Man’s not hot guy) to name a few.

The fact that this isn’t even the full lineup has left me with literal butterflies. I haven’t been this excited about music since I saw Kanye in 2014. I’m also very excited to see what Electric Picnic pull out now. They could go in the complete opposite direction and stick to the Irish festival trend of indie bands. Unless they announce Frank Ocean, Childish Gambino, Drake, or Kanye, then I have little interest.

This Longitude lineup is the best Irish festival lineup since the likes of Jay Z and Eminem were playing Oxegen. Of course, this lineup isn’t everyone’s taste. I’m very surprised with the amount of people who “haven’t heard of a single name on this lineup” granted, most of these claims are to be edgy.

You also have people such as Seán Óg from Sligo who’s only ever seen 3 black lads in his entire life claiming it’s “a shite lineup and too urban”. Just because it’s not The Corona’s, Picture This, and Walking on Cars headlining (All of which I’m convinced are the exact same band), doesn’t mean it’s shit.

Migos take the stage as part of a STACKED Friday lineup

There’s been a shift in music. Indie was the new Rock and Hip-Hop is the new Indie. I’m very glad that someone in Ireland has seen this shift and booked this lineup. Compared to last year where, granted, The Weeknd headlined the Saturday, Mumford and Son’s basically directed the entire Sunday of Longitude. Don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy Indie music but we honestly have enough more than enough festivals that revolve around it. If you want Indie, literally go to Indie in Cork. It’s named after the genre!

Okay, I’m ranting. To summarise it. I want to buy whoever booked Longitude this year a pint for this godly lineup. My must sees are definitely J. Cole, Post Malone, Tyler, Anderson .Paak, and Khalid. Actually, literally everyone in this lineup. I really can’t wait to see who else gets announced.

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Until next time,

p.s. Please pray that I actually get tickets…

p.p.s. Check out my Longitude 2018 playlist on Spotify, it’s lit in every sense of the word.

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