Longitude Day 2

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Day 2 of Longitude was one of my all-time favourite days of live music. Although the day started out fairly miserable and rainy, that obviously didn’t put anyone off as Saturday seems to have been the busiest day of the festival.

We arrived early because I wanted to catch Nealo’s set at 2:15 (although it ended up being pushed out until after 3). I was surprised at how packed the park was already at this stage considering the weather. Last year we arrived early on the Saturday and it wasn’t half as busy and that day was a scorcher.

Today was especially fun because I got to meet someone I’ve known from Twitter with the last 5 or so years in real life for the first time so shoutout to Saoirse from Twitter for being an absolute legend!

One thing I noticed in the queue to get in was the amount of PSG jerseys being worn. Santan Dave was set to play the mainstage and just off that iconic Glastonbury set where he pulled a guy called Alex from the crowd to rap his tune Thiago Silva, there were plenty of opportunists about. Did Dave pull someone from the Longitude crowd to replicate the Alex from Glasto moment? Read on to find out!


My first act of day 2 was Dublin rapper and relatively new on the scene, Nealo. I became instantly hooked on his smooth jazzy rap music earlier this year when he dropped his single ‘Questions’ featuring God Knows from Rusangano Family. His music is smooth as fuck and was the perfect start to day 2 (it especially cleared my day 1 hangover).

I thoroughly loved this set, the crowd was good, the vibe was good, the music was great, everyone both on and off the stage just seemed to be having a fantastic time.

While he’s quite new on the Irish hip-hop scene, Nealo is by no means an amateur. I couldn’t believe that he had only performed one festival slot before Longitude. He graced the stage and the whole set went off without a hitch.

Joey Purp

Joey Purp was one of the most fun festival sets I’ve ever witnessed. I found it strange that they would put him on the smallest stage on the grounds seeing as the place was packed out.

The set opened with his DJ spinning some tracks to get the crowd going, including a bit of Chance The Rapper which really got everyone hyped up.

Once the main man took to the stage, the energy didn’t dip once. He really loved the crowd interactions, occasionally if someone was sat on a person’s shoulders, he’d scold the bouncers for trying to get them down and insist that they stay where they are.

His energetic set came to an end with him basically in the crowd after he split everyone down the middle to create one huge mosh pit. A big group selfie was taken and he dipped off to the side. Seriously class set.


Coming off his historic Glastonbury set, Dave absolutely rocked the main stage at Longitude 2019. A common theme I saw in the crowd all day was the odd person strolling around in a PSG shirt in hopes for a Glastonbury repeat after he caught Alex in the crowd in his Silva shirt and brought him on stage to perform with him. Unfortunately for all the hopefuls but fortunately for the rest of the crowd, he ended up bringing out AJ Tracey to perform the song.

Rattling through hits like Funky Friday and Location, the crowd was feeling it from start to finish. A small rough patch came when he told his thousands of Irish fans that Dublin was the craziest city in the UK before correcting himself and playing it down as nerves later on Twitter.

Blunder aside, Dave put on a great set and with his latest momentum off Glastonbury, I’m very excited for where he’s going.


Aminé was my most anticipated act to see this weekend. I’ve been following him for a few years now and when I saw him on the lineup originally, I knew I had to be there.

What I didn’t anticipate was the amount of people who would show up to see him at the Heineken tent. Seeing as he clashed with Anne-Marie who was playing the main stage, I really didn’t think he would attract the crowd he did.

This was another of my favourite sets from the weekend. The vibe was good for this one. Throughout the show he had everyone screaming out “I know!” when he prompted “You’re beautiful!”. Everyone was having a fucking great time.

I also partook in my first moshpit during Aminé. I’d usually avoid moshpits like the plague but something came over me (alcohol) during Reel It In and threw myself right into it. The only damage was that I temporarily lost my shoe, overall good experience, would mosh again.

A big highlight of his set was when he went from his song Spice Girl into Wannabe by The Spice Girls. Everyone had a good bop to that.

I could watch Aminé perform all day, the energy he brought at Longitude was insane, I left the tent with a big stupid grin on my face.


Stormzy was my absolute favourite act of the whole weekend. Chance the Rapper was the main reason I got my ticket to Longitude this year so when he pulled out I was heartbroken. When I heard that they replaced him with Stormzy, my heartbreak faded as I’ve wanted to see Stormzy live for a long time too.

After watching his legendary Glastonbury set a few weeks before, I knew that this show was going to be amazing. What really made this show special was how appreciative Stormzy was of Ireland. After taking the stage kitted out in an Irish soccer jersey, he made it no secret how much he loved to play here and mentioned how Longitude 2017 was the first festival he ever headlined.

It felt like after every song he was taking a minute to tell us how much he loves us and making sure we don’t think he’s doing the cliché thing of an artist telling every city that it’s their favourite. When Stormzy said it, it really felt like he meant it. He mentioned how after being asked to headline again, it was the fastest yes of his life.

Of course, him bigging up Dublin wasn’t the whole show. He played hit after hit after hit from his own catalogue while also taking a moment to get a sing song of Shape of You in tribute to his ‘half Irish brother’ Ed Sheeran. I think that’s when the casual attendees became hardcore fans.

He took a moment to mention how glad he was that Chance had to pull out, a brave move considering so many people bought tickets for him alone, the risk paid off as the crowd burst into cheers. Vossi Bop really got the crowd going, especially when he got a 40,000 strong crowd to scream “Fuck the government and fuck Boris”

Stormzy finished his set with absolute banger Big For Your Boots and epic gospel rap tune Blinded By Your Grace pt. 2. He performed most of the latter in with the crowd while fireworks exploded from the stage. This was a powerful moment that made real actual tears fall from my eyes, I hadn’t felt this way at a concert since Robbie Williams did Angels in the Aviva in 2017 (no joke). The whole set was amazing and ended beautifully to top off an absolutely perfect day 2.

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