Longitude Day 3

If you missed the first 2 days, check them out here – FRIDAY, SATURDAY

Day 3 of any festival proves to be the toughest, your coming off the back of 2 long days of dancing (drinking) and usually it’s at this point where you start to run on pure adrenaline. Longitude 2019 was no different. Luckily, the music was great on day 3, the Sunday can tend to be quite weak in terms of the lineup but this year it was extremely solid.

Sheck Wes

We literally caught the very end of Sheck Wes as we were on our way to grab some food before the day started. I felt like all weekend all I could hear was groups of youngsters singing Mo Bamba, finally they were getting to see it live. I’ve never seen so many people run to a stage in my life. Sounded grand, glad I wasn’t at the actual stage though, it was probably carnage.

Slow Thai

Slow Thai was one of my main acts to see over the weekend. Just off the back of his album ‘Nothing Great About Britain’, there’s no way I could miss it.

He was exactly as expected, bat shit fucking crazy. He was stripped down to his jocks for most of the set, bouncing from one end of the stage to the other urging the crowd to open up moshpits every few minutes. Slow Thai blew the roof off of the Heineken stage with his energy and absolutely everyone was feeling it.

Between songs, the conversation ranged from him getting the crowd to shout ‘fuck Boris’ to him snatching a Garda cap from one of the guards on security and shouting ‘fuck the Garda’. He also grabbed one of those Irish flag horn hats from someone in the crowd and everyone was transported back to the 2002 World Cup for a few minutes

The best way to describe the set is absolute carnage. It was great.

Little Simz

Little Simz was the only act of the weekend that I had never heard of before seeing their name on the lineup. She played an intimate set in the Heineken tent, while the crowd was small, they were completely feeling it.

I’ve been listening to Little Simz a lot since Longitude and I really wish I had heard of her sooner because she is absolutely fantastic!


Brockhampton was a weird set. They came out on to the main stage with absolutely no warning. Between sets the big screens usually play random music videos. The lads were out on the stage performing their first song before whoever manages the screen had a chance to turn off Kanye West’s Power video.

The modern day boyband graced the stage in what looked like tinfoil space suits which looked cool but I have no idea how none of them passed out from the heat.

I was surprised at how small the crowd was for this, I fully expected it to be one of the busiest sets of the weekend. The crowd was a bit dead too, it was just a strange 45 minutes. To be fair, there wasn’t much crowd interaction between songs and they all just rolled into eachother.

Don’t get me wrong, they were great, the vibe just didn’t seem to be there.


I caught the very start of Future’s set from Casa Bacardi while we waited for Vince Staples. We moved a bit closer to the stage to watch him do Jumpman before flaking off. I was surprised at how good he sounded. I like Future’s music but I didn’t think it could carry over to a live performance, I appeared to be wrong.

Vince Staples

I love Vince Staples but his performance at Longitude was extremely disappointing. The stage set up was pretty cool, loads of TVs showing famous TV shows with a Vince Staples twist. The performance, not as great.

The sound in the tent was pretty bad again which is definitely a huge factor as to why I was a bit let down after his set. Should have stayed for Future.

Cardi B

Cardi B is fucking insane. Let me just get that out of my system before I start writing about her Longitude performance. After having to pull out of the festival last year due to giving birth to her daughter (fair reason if you ask me), Cardi B was finally about to take the stage. She ended up being the only one of the three original headliners to perform after A$AP Rocky got arrested and Chance The Rapper decided he really does hate Ireland.

Her set opened with her DJ hyping the crowd up, standard enough. The place was absolutely packed for this one. Sunday day tickets were like golddust on the run up. EVERYONE wanted to see Cardi.

She had played Wireless in London two nights before and brought out the hottest artist in music right now, Lil Nas X for a bit of Old Town Road. Unfortunately, we got out hopes up that he’d hop across to Dublin to do the same but it wasn’t meant to be.

After about 15 minutes of her DJ, Ireland finally got to see Cardi on stage. What I realised during her set is that she exclusively makes bangers. Every song was a bop. I think my favourite thing about Cardi B though is that she does not give a fuck. Not one single fuck. She gets on stage and literally does her. It’s great.

It was class how into it the whole crowd were too. There were so many people near me who knew every single word of every single song. Between her own songs and her features, the bangers didn’t stop.

After a big sing-song of Bruno Mars’ ‘Finesse’, Cardi closed the show with the song that put her on the map, ‘Bodak Yellow’. Everyone went a bit wild for this.

The only small disappointment with Cardi’s set is that it was so short. For a headliner, she didn’t even do an hour and it ended very early too. Other than that, it was a great set and a great finish to a great weekend.

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