ProdiJIG: The Revolution [REVIEW]

Before I begin this review, you need to note that no matter how much I praise and talk up this show, I won’t be able to do it justice. I had the absolute pleasure of experiencing this show for the second time last night in Cork’s Opera House in what would be the final performance of a month-long stint at the venue for ProdiJIG.

ProdiJIG: The Revolution, created by world-renowned Irish Dancing world champion and (most importantly) Cork man, Alan Kenefick is an absolute modern performance masterpiece. With clear inspiration drawn from the dancing skills of the late, great Michael Jackson, this is more than just your typical Irish Dancing jigs and reels show. ProdiJIG: The Revolution is a modern Riverdance, Riverdance for millennials if you will! Along with the insane talents of the dancers, the show is perfectly accompanied by the music of Sligo-based trad band, MOXIE, Irish/Australian Cello player, Ilse de Ziah, and the powerful vocals of Chicago Diva turned Corkonian, Karen Underwood.

via @xxnedancexx on Twitter
via @xxnedancexx on Twitter

This show tapped into nearly every emotion over the course of the two hours in which it ran. It had the perfect balance of happiness and good humour for the most part but also taking darker turns at stages. The darker turn is seen best in “Rebel, Rebel” which shows three men blindfolded as if they were to be executed while dancing in a more traditional manner. I particularly enjoyed “Sinnerman” where we first experience Karen Underwood’s massive voice as Kenefick plays the part of a man almost possessed by his dancing talents. “Planted” is just fun, showcasing a drinking session and ending with a hilarious solo performance by someone who’s had one too many before skipping off the stage being held up by two more dancers.

ProdiJIG: The Revolution is as inspiring as it is entertaining. In particular, there’s a point where we see Kenefick show his incredible footwork while we hear Charlie Chaplain’s speech from “The Great Dictator”. This is one of the many moments from the show where you’ll find the hairs at the back of your neck standing and your arms covered with goose bumps.

“ProdiJIG: The Revolution is as inspiring as it is entertaining.”

I’ve never seen such energy and passion put into a show as I did the both times I saw ProdiJIG: The Revolution. Even as I watched the final show of the run, not one of the performers on the stage showed any signs of fatigue. This amazes me considering how much they all put into each show. Every single person who graced the stage looked like they were having the time of their life and that energy certainly brushed off on the crowd who had the roof blown off the joint by the finale! This is something I need on CD/DVD so I can feel that energy again and again! I can see this doing very, very, well on the global stage! This is a kind of performance that could certainly be adapted to the big screen!

Overall I can say with 100% confidence that ProdiJIG: The Revolution is THE single best, most powerful and certainly most energetic performance that I have ever witnessed and is an absolute credit to the art of dance. You will leave this show feeling inspired and energised as I would imagine the creators would want you to!

It’s an easy 5 stars from me *****

Until Next Time,
Adam Gilroy


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