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Yesterday evening whilst browsing the internet, I came across a forum about a game called Stardew Valley for some reason or another I read a few posts about it and was instantly interested. People were comparing it to games like Harvest Moon, Animal Crossing, and The Legend of Zelda all of which are game series that I’ve put countless hours into over the years! After reading a bit more about it and watching a few reviews, I decided to buy it on Steam. The game came in at around €14 which is insanely cheap considering the depth of it!

The game essentially is you playing the role of someone who’s decided to pack up their corporate office job and take over your late grandfather’s farm. When you hear that first, you might not at all be intrigued but trust me, this game is so much more than just a farm simulator! If you’ve played and enjoyed the Harvest Moon game series in the past, then you most certainly will enjoy this game! This is the modern Harvest Moon game that the fans deserve but haven’t gotten. It’s everything Harvest Moon besides the name!

Riding A Horse In The Winter. Image via:
Riding A Horse In The Winter. Image via:

Outside of the farming element of the game, you can also explore mines in a Zelda-esque environment, crawling dungeons and fighting monsters. You can fish in the sea for food and money, and dig up artefacts to donate to your museum as you can in the Animal Crossing series. You can mingle with the people of the town and even try to woo them and eventually marry them. There are 5 females and 5 males that you can pursue in this game, the interesting thing here is, while you can also do this in Harvest Moon, Stardew Valley allows you to marry either gender while Harvest Moon only allowed you to marry the opposite sex. It’s a good advancement in the video game industry.

Fighting Monsters in a Mine. Image via:
Fighting Monsters in a Mine. Image via:

Speaking of the industry, this game was completely created from the ground up one person! Over the last few years, independent game publisher ConcernedApe developed and built this game from the ground up. Considering how deep this game goes, this is an amazing feat for one man!

Overall, Stardew Valley is a very immersive game that in my 6 or so hours playing, I haven’t even scratched the surface on. I can see myself putting many, many, many, more hours into this, in fact, I’m planning my parsnip empire of crops in my head as I type! Go buy this game now!

Stardew Valley gets a rating of 4.5/5

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