The Script: Croke Park June 20th 2015

Dublin band The Script brought their “No Sound Without Silence Tour” home to Croke Park last night in what was the biggest show of their career. With support acts such as The Wailers (Bob Marlay’s band) and Pharrell Williams supporting, the show was set to be huge and huge it was! The band played a 19 song setlist including songs from all four of their albums to a sold out Croke Park.

They opened the show with “Paint the Town Green” but before they performed that they made their grand entrance through the crowd. Surrounded by people baring green flags the trio Danny, Mark and Glen walked from one end of the pitch up to the other where the stage was set for an awesome night of good vibes and even better music.

The show was hit after hit after hit and kept the crowd going throughout until they calmed it down a bit with a very emotional performance their song “If You Could See Me Now” which guitarist Mark Sheehan dedicated to the six young people who died in Berkely recently.

For the performance of their hit song “Nothing”, Danny requested for members of the audience to ring up an ex in an attempt to pull off the worlds largest prank call as he took a guys phone and proceeded to sing the song along with the hundred thousand or so people in attendance to the guys ex girlfriend. To be fair, the ex girlfriend in question seemed to be a good sport by staying on the line before the stadium collectively said goodbye with a loud “Goodbye Asshole!” Brilliant!

The hits continued as the band moved to the centre of the pitch on a smaller stage where they performed “Never Seen Anything ‘Quite Like You'”, “The Man Who Can’t Be Moved” and  “You Won’t Feel a Thing” before moving back to the main stage. At one stage during “The Man Who Can’t Be Moved” the band just stopped to soak up the atmosphere as the looked around in awe and triumph letting the moment sink in.

Back on the main stage as the sun set, they performed two more songs “Six Degrees of Separation” and “It’s Not Right for You” and leaving the stage before a four song encore. The band re-emerged to perform “The Energy Never Dies” which in my opinion was by far the performance of the night accompanied by crazy lighting and fireworks from the roof of Croke Park! The crowd went crazy every time the fireworks were set off.

The band performed their classic “For the First Time” and “No Good in Goodbye” from their new album before closing the show out with their hit “Hall of Fame” with another fireworks display coming from the main stage and gold confetti shooting from the roof.

In a show that made the crowd laugh, cry, smile, dance and of course sing. The Script have elevated themselves to legendary status in the Irish music scene up there with the only other two Irish bands to perform in Croke Park U2 and Westlife. The overall Irish feel of the show had the crowd going all night for the two or so hours they performed. It was the perfect homecoming for the Dublin trio in their home city and country who welcomed them home with great pride.

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Setlist (via :

  1. Paint the Town Green
  2. Hail Rain or Sunshine
  3. Breakeven
  4. Before the Worst
  5. Superheroes
  6. We Cry
  7. If You Could See Me Now
  8. Man on a Wire
  9. Nothing
  10. Good Ol’ Days
  11. Never Seen Anything “Quite Like You”
  12. The Man Who Can’t Be Moved
  13. You Won’t Feel a Thing
  14. Six Degrees of Separation
  15. It’s Not Right for You
  16. The Energy Never Dies
  17. For the First Time
  18. No Good in Goodbye
  19. Hall of Fame

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