Thoughts from 35,000 feet in the air

What’s up! Me, I’m up. I’m currently about 35,000 feet in the air on a flight from London to Bangkok. We’re about 6 hours in and this is officially the longest I’ve ever been from home (and we’re only like half way there!)

I’m going to Thailand for a few days with work to meet some new TEFL teachers and to capture the sights of Bangkok. While I’m literally on the plane there as I type this, it still doesn’t feel like real life. I never thought I’d ever be sent on a trip like this to work. It’s class.

This is my first time leaving Europe which is pretty cool. I’ve been trying to give myself jetlag over the last few days at home by waking up at 2am to ease myself into the 6 hour time difference between Ireland and Thailand. We’re due to land at 6am Bangkok time which would be midnight Irish time so I really hope my plan works so I’m not wrecked for my first day. (Update: didn’t work, couldn’t sleep on the plane, plan went out the window)

This is probably the most bored I’ve ever been. Long flights are cool for a few hours but there’s a certain dread hits when you’re ready to be off the plane and see that you still have 8 hours left! I’ve half watched about 6 movies. I think the restlessness is a result of me being anxious to actually be in Bangkok. I’d imagine coming home it’ll be much easier.

I’m extremely excited to try as much of the food as I can. I’ve had a picture of me eating a scorpion or something in my head from the second I got asked to go on the trip. Mango sticky rice has also been swirling around my brain for the last few weeks, it looks delicious! As someone who is extremely bad with spicy food, I’m hoping that my taste buds are still intact by the end of the week!

Anyway, I hope I get this up once I land. I really don’t have any pictures to add so I’ll probably just throw in some random pictures of my experience on this long assed flight. I’ll let ye know how I get on next week or something. I can guarantee there’ll be much better pictures in that post.

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