Tyler, The Creator banned from the UK!

Today I’m going to talk about Tyler, The Creator’s ban from entering the UK. If you haven’t heard, Tyler, The Creator, an American rapper and producer was stopped at the UK border and denied access to the country last week. The reason he wasn’t allowed in and is forbidden from doing so for another 3-5 years is because of some of his old lyrics being offensive. This ban caused Tyler to have to cancel shows in both the UK and Ireland on short notice.

Tyler’s being banned from entering the country for lyrics he wrote when he was 18. Some of his lyrics contain homophobic slurs but the rapper claims to not be homophobic stating previously: “Somebody called me a homophobe. I’m not homophobic. I just say ‘faggot’ and use ‘gay’ as an adjective to describe stupid shit.” He’s also being criticised for writing lyrics associating with rape and murder in the past.

Now for my take on the whole situation. I don’t agree with many of Tyler’s old lyrics despite me actually being a big fan of his work. A lot of his lyrics are quite fucked up. Should he be banned from entering the UK and performing? Hell no! These are lyrics from 2009 which he wrote when he was 18 and just starting in the music industry. This doesn’t make what he wrote acceptable but these are old songs that he doesn’t even perform any more.

He was denied access on his most recent trip despite being in the country only 8 weeks ago, it just doesn’t make much sense. He’s being treated almost like a terrorist because of some stupid words he put into a song.

Now for my biggest problem with the whole situation. Eminem’s lyrics are just as bad as Tyler’s if not worse. Is Eminem banned from the UK? Fuck no he’s not! He sold out not one but TWO nights in Wembley stadium last year. How was he allowed access and Tyler denied it? Is it a race thing? Maybe. It could also be due to the fact that Eminem is undoubtedly a bigger musician in Europe than Tyler, The Creator but that doesn’t make it okay.

Moral of the story, get your shit together, England!

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