Video Games: The finest form of art.

Amongst the entertainment industry, video games being considered an art form is quite a controversial topic. Many argue that video games can only be categorized as video games and there’s no possible way to call it art, I strongly disagree with this. In my opinion video games could possibly be the finest form of art. No other art form gives you control like the art of gaming does, you don’t go into a cinema and determine how the characters move or live or even look, likewise with such art forms as music and paintings all control is in the artist. This isn’t the case with the video game “artist” or developer.

The beautiful scenery of  “Skyrim” that the user can
explore freely.

One specific genre of video games that strongly puts my faith in video games as an art form is the RPG (Role Playing Game) genre. This genre typically allows the player to create their character from scratch and living their life through their eyes. This creative control given by the game developer dives into a whole new meaning to the term “art”. Many video games go as far into giving the user creative control that the users actions and choices actually determine how the story of the game ends. One particular series of games that gives the user creative control like no other is the “Elder Scrolls” video game series, the most recent instalment “Skyrim” in particular. In Skyrim the user is only obliged to create a character and complete one short mission before the user is given all control over how the game goes. Don’t want to continue the main story line? Don’t. Want to wander aimlessly through the massive world of Skyrim? Go for it. Want to find a wife and adopt a kid? Why not! The user determines how his or her story plays out straight from the get go and of course to add to the “artistic” aspect already in place, the setting of the game is beautiful!

The creepy human-animal hybrids of
Animal Crossing

Creative control and gameplay aside, like other forms of art, gaming gives the user an escape from reality. You can temporarily remove yourself from your life and enter another, one game series in particular that focuses on the escape from reality that gaming brings is the “Animal Crossing” series from Nintendo. These games are based around the user living the life of an avatar in a village populated with human-animal hybrids (creepy right?) And the only point of the game being to live a life by interacting with the villagers, decorating your house and keeping the town looking respectable, of course you can ignore all these aspects of the game and leave your town turn into a wasteland. You can do anything from fishing to catching bugs to even visiting other people on their games over the internet. It’s the ultimate escape from reality.

Gaming gives the user an escape from reality.

All-in-all as much of a controversial statement as it is: Video Gaming is the finest art form period. This doesn’t take away from forms such as Music and Film but the extra user control given to the user just about puts it ahead of these in my books.

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