The life of a lefty (A short rant)

Left handers occupy only 10% of the worlds population, that’s 700,000,000 people! I am one of those people. All fellow lefties will know the struggle of when someone realises that you are in fact, left handed, some quotes include “You’re left handed?” “Oh my god you’re left handed!” and my favourite (this was actually said to me before) “I can’t believe you’re left handed!” ¬†What’s so unbelievable unrealistic about someone being left handed, I mean I know that statistically you only have a 1 in 10 chance of being left handed but is it still so surprising to meet one where you’d go as far as to call it unbelievable? Think of it this way, if I began approaching everyone with green eyes and loudly exclaimed the obvious, that they do actually have green eyes, what kind of a fool would I look? That’s exactly what I, as a left hander thinks when someone expresses surprise at the obvious when they see me writing something!

Now I must confess that I’m not exactly a 100% pure-bred lefty as I may be left handed but I’m right footed. I’m also right eye-d due to the fact that I don’t actually have vision in my left one! But of course people don’t call me out when I kick a ball because it’s with my right foot. Or they do in cases where they know that I’m left handed and cease to understand how it’s humanly possible to write with your left and kick with your right or vice-versa.

The real struggle for me as a left handed is my left handwriting. I have horrible handwriting as it is but for those of you who don’t understand the anatomy of being a lefty, you know how ink can smudge if you rub it? Yeah that literally happens any time you write as a left hander. I must apologise to whoever had the glorious job of having to correct my English leaving cert! Roughly 14-15 pages of pure blue smudge! I came out of that exam with my left hand looking like it came right out of the movie Avatar!

Keeping things short I’ll leave you with this, if you happen to be a lefty and someone says that you’re one in a million, you look that person dead in the eye, raise your left hand and form a fist, leave that fist high in the air for everyone to see and you say loudly and proudly with “I’m one in 700 million!” before walking away with your best (left) foot forward!

Until Next Time!
Adam Gilroy

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