Everyone’s Private Parts! (Internet Privacy)

Privacy on the Internet is a topic which has generated controversy since the early days of people surfing the net although in recent years the topic has definitely caused a major stir in world news due to the growing trend of social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and more recently SnapChat or of course if you want to go back to the stone-age of the internet, Bebo, MySpace and MSN Messenger.

Since the birth of the age of social media more and more people are sharing more and more information publicly about themselves, this ranges from small things such as their names and birthdays, to big things such as where they currently are, to stupid things as to what they are currently eating and how they feel about such food. When using social media you are never alone, there’s always someone seeing what you are up to if you chose to share it.

Don’t be that guy.

It’s all down to the person on what they choose to share online, but once it’s online it’s not coming off even if you delete it! I read an interesting article about someone who discovered that their photos were still on Facebook three whole years after they had “deleted” it. One major topic of discussion is based around how kids and teenagers approach the use of social media, in particular the question arises of “Do they make use of the privacy settings?” It depends on the person really, in some cases you find people who allow absolutely everyone see absolutely everything on their profile regardless if they’re friends or not, on the other side you have people who don’t even share everything with the people that they are friends with, it’s all a matter of personal preference.

In my own case I have somewhat mixed opinions on the matter. I agree with both sides, fair enough people want to keep their digital footprint small in the case of future employers and of course just for personal privacy. On the other hand I can see why some people want to share more of themselves online for reasons such as for entertainment purposes for example. This is a topic in which I agree with both sides, personally I like to keep my Facebook profile on private as that’s where I would share things to do with my family and friends. My Twitter and Instagram are where I like to share things on more of a public level, my Twitter to voice opinions on current affairs and my Instagram which I’m currently using as a journal of sorts where I’m uploading one photo every day where I, or anyone else can look back on a photo from every day since January 1st 2014.

I like the idea of leaving an impression online with your digital footprint once things don’t get too personal to the extent of people asking themselves “why?” Sharing opinions publicly = good, Sharing every single personal moment of your life = bad. That’s why I personally enjoy blogging so much!

Typical social media sites aside, let’s talk about Snapchat. Definitely one of the biggest breakthroughs in the world of social media it is also probably the one carrying the most controversy. For those of you living under a rock, Snapchat is a form of instant messaging but instead of sending text you send pictures back and forth. Although a very fun app (possibly too fun when you’re trying to study!) It is also quite a risky one to use. Most of us use Snapchat as a fun way to send your friends stupid pictures captioned with funny text, sounds fun right? It is, very fun! Then there’s the people who see Snapchat as “Sexting 2.0” which of course is going to lead to controversy considering the app has mostly young users! What these seductive snappers don’t realise is that although it says your picture lasts for 10 seconds before “disappearing forever” that’s not actually the case. It’s been revealed that every picture sent through the app is actually saved to a database where it’s kept, this along with the not so subtle screenshot feature leaves me scratching my head as to why people think that sending raunchy pictures back and forth is a good idea, keep it in your pants!

Final word, sharing online is okay, sharing you’re entire life minute by minute is not so okay!

Until Next Time!
Adam Gilroy.

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