What Now?

It’s been a minute since I’ve written anything so here goes nothing. Okay, that was an overly dramatic opening… (blew it)

I’ve spent the last 2 months or so (admittedly, very on and off) redesigning my blog and brand (notions). While I did absolutely adore the layout and cool font on my logo, I just wanted to freshen things up a bit and strip it down.

The only real issue that arises here is that my blog is going to look ugly as a motherfucker for a while as because of the whole brand shakeup, my post thumbnails really don’t fit the theme of the new and improved (I hope) layout. If anything I suppose it gives me a reason to write and fill up the blog more because you absolutely could not pay me to go back over every post I’ve written so far and change the featured image.

I’ve kind of neglected the blog this year (I say ‘kind of’. If my blog was a child, it would have been taken off me with this level of neglect) which sucks because I do love writing. I feel like I started this year with so many ideas of little blog series’ that would draw in some new readers but it just wasn’t really what I wanted to do. I started “My Ears Online” earlier this year where I’d share what I’m listening to each week which was quite fun but I got a bit bored of following a template for my posts (if that even makes any sense).

I much prefer writing absolute bollocks about anything and everything with no plan but to just write, a stream of consciousness I suppose. So that’s my plan, you’ll find me here every week chatting shit about what’s going on in my life and what’s happening in Gilroy’s World (get it..?)

Of course, I’m still going to post reviews and all that jazz too because I do enjoy that stuff but I’m not going to attempt to become solely a review blog or anything like that. I mean, the new Star Wars movie comes out next week and there’s absolutely no way I’m not going to review that!

I feel there’s a huge male sized gap in the Irish lifestyle blog market (please correct me if I’m wrong, keep in mind that Instagram isn’t a blog…) and I full on intend on filling that with my rambling ass.

I also want to get back into making videos which is another metaphorical child neglect case waiting to happen so look out for those in the near (or far) future! I’m planning my yearly “Things We Need To Leave In” video at the moment so if you have anything you think needs to be left in 2018, hit me up!

Finally, I’ll be in Amsterdam in about 12 hours time from typing this so go follow me on Snapchat @GilroysWorld to keep up with the idiot abroad. I plan on using Snapchat a lot more from now on!

That’s about it really, I’m probably not going to even read back over this out of fear that it’s absolutely chronic and I won’t post it.

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