41 thoughts I had while watching the “Bitch I’m Madonna” video

Recently Madonna released a music video for her single “Bitch I’m Madonna” featuring Nicki Minaj and I watched it. Here’s my reactions.

  1. Getting kids to say “Cause I’m a bad bitch” good start.
  2. Madonna casually works out as kids swear in front of her.
  3. Madonna gives up workout, grabs towel and drinks some water.
  4. Oh shit she just mauled that guy!
  5. That guy must feel like Drake!
  6. This is quickly turning into a Miley Cyrus video.
  7. Random guy dressed as a cop busting out some killer moves with that towel.
  8. Aaaand naked Asians dancing in a tub.
  9. Madonna’s army of Asians
  10. Sexy dancing with everyone.
  11. Is that Rita Ora?
  12. Oh Chris Rock!
  13. Madonna crawling through balloons and tripping.
  14. She’s singing about having a party so wild that the neighbours will “call the 5-0”.
  15. Singing glow in the dark socks..
  16. I want glow in the dark socks.
  17. Oh crap she just massacred the socks!
  18. Madonna dancing through the hall with her army of Asians.
  19. Nicki Minaj Noises.
  20. Madonna threw that shot down that guys neck faster than she got thrown off the stage at the Brit awards.
  21. Why is there a massive gap between her front teeth?
  22. Why am I not surprised that Miley Cyrus popped up covered in glitter and flipping the double bird?
  24. And Katie Perry..
  25. This kid can dance.
  27. Nicki Minaj raps feat. Random Kanye pop ups.
  28. Madonna parties with people 40 years her younger.
  29. Madonna escapes random guys preying in on her.
  30. And pins some poor girl to a wall and goes to town.
  31. What the fuck did she just do to that cop?
  32. Did she tase him with paper?
  33. KANYE
  34. katy perry
  35. What is that sound?!
  36. It sounds like sawing!
  37. It’s sawing my ear drums!
  38. Madonna crowd surfs through more people 40 years her younger.
  39. Why is she just lying down while people rave around her?
  40. Madonna wild n’ out alone in a corridor.
  41. And its over.

You keep doing you Madonna.

Watch the whole video here:

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