5 Years of Gilroy’s World

Hello, long time no talk (write?). Today’s an exciting one in Gilroy’s World. 5 years ago today I rocked up to one of my college lectures and was told that I’d have to start and maintain a blog for 8 weeks. It’s something at the time that I had already thought about doing so I decided to take advantage of the mandatory task and run with it. 5 years later and we’re still alive and kicking (although we’ve moved on a bit from traditional blogging).

The last year has definitely been my quietest on Gilroy’s World in terms of blog writing. I fell into a bit of a writing slump after the blog awards in 2018. With this, I finally achieved one of the goals that I set when I decided to take blogging seriously. Although I didn’t come away with anything more than a goodie bag and a hangover, it was the first time that I felt I had made actual progress with the blog.

In the weeks leading up, I wrote more than I had since I started and kind of burned myself out, then I decided to take a break which I never really came back from. I’ve posted a bit here and there but nowhere near as consistently as I should be.

While I’m not exactly throwing in the towel on blogging, I’m getting myself into a position where I don’t feel so guilty about only writing something every few months. This is mainly because I launched a podcast in December of last year and have been more consistent with that than I’ve been with the blog in years.

I want 2020 to be my biggest year yet because I feel like hitting year 5, I’m teetering into veteran ‘blogger’ territory with rookie numbers and that freaks me the fuck out. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not all about numbers, I’m extremely proud of what I’m doing/have done here and incredibly grateful for everyone who does take time out of their day to read and listen to my ramblings. I’d just like to be a bit higher on the ladder.

That being said, the support I’ve received on this over the last 5 years has been overwhelming, especially in the last month or so since launching the podcast. I (ironically enough) can’t really put it into words how much I appreciate everyone who does listen/read/share my stuff.

The fact that it’s already 5 years is absolutely insane. I’m extremely glad to have started the podcast as I really feel it’s breathing new life into Gilroy’s World and was an idea that came to me when I was on the absolute verge of packing the whole show up. Who know’s what the next 5 years will bring?

Thank you.

p.s. You can read my first ever blog post from 5 years ago here but be warned, it’s awful.

Listen to the latest episode of The Gilroy’s World Podcast HERE

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