Boxing Day Sales 2017

Shopping on the day after Christmas is quite a polarising topic. It seems to be split down the middle with people who are pro-shop and anti-shop for Boxing Day Sales. Yesterday, for the first time ever, I braved the crowds and went shopping.

Now, I get that shopping on the 26th isn’t everyone’s cup of tea but the main argument I see every year from anti-shoppers is “Give the retail workers the day off”. Most years I hear this argument in the pub on St. Stephen’s night from people trying to grab the barpersons attention by waving a fiver in their face and shouting at them about how bad their last pint was. Take that how you will.

While I don’t see a problem with people shopping in the sales, I do think that people who queue outside shops at 6am are weirdos. I do, however, have a serious problem with people who go shopping and don’t have an ounce of patience in them. Some people are absolutely vicious.

In one shop I was blatantly shoved into a rack of clothes by someone while I was waiting for the people in front of me to move on. As if I was just standing in the middle of the shop for the craic. I wasn’t too mad seeing as the person ended up getting stuck exactly where I was waiting so jokes on them. I don’t understand how people went shopping in one of the biggest sales of the year and didn’t expect there to be queues and crowds.

It’s also very important to be extra nice to the staff working for the Boxing Day Sales. I can guarantee that they’d rather be the ones shopping. Even if it takes someone a little longer than usual to serve you, don’t be an asshole to them.

I didn’t really know what to expect as it was my first year going out for the Boxing Day Sales. I was quite surprised with what I picked up. While most shops had absolutely dreadful deals on men’s clothes, the Jack & Jones shop had €6 t-shirts and €20 jumpers and shirts. The €6 t-shirts was an offer too good to refuse so I just grabbed what I could in my size and ran. I soon realised this to be a mistake as I accidentally bought a tank top. Small price to pay considering the other great deals I got.

Boxing Day Sales Haul

The clothes I got were great, but the real MVP of the sales has to be the half-price gift sets. Boots were practically giving their giftsets away so I’m going to be smelling, looking, and feeling great well into 2018! I also picked up DAMN. by Kendrick Lamar on vinyl, major win.

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