My Ears Online Vol. 4 – Logic & Sinatra!

Hello World!
Welcome to “My Ears Online” where I  post about music that I’ve been listening to during the week! Usually, I post two new pieces of music a week, this week I’m keeping it at the one because the album I want to talk about (‘Everybody’ by Logic) has so much to it!

The New

A few weeks ago, I featured Logic’s single “Everybody”, today I want to talk about the album as a whole which dropped yesterday. I usually post these on Friday but I had to give this album over 24 hours because it’s such an experience. Logic is, in my opinion, modern hip-hop’s best storyteller. His ability to make an album more than just an album is incredible! This was made clear with his last album “The Incredible True Story” and is seen again in “Everybody”!

Without spoiling too much (because you need to experience this from start to finish!), the album follows a man named Atom after he dies in a car accident when he meets God who’s voiced by Neil Degrasse Tyson (really!). Atom is then reincarnated multiple times throughout the album so he can experience life as Everybody. The album deals with issues such as racism, anxiety, life, death, politics, and social media just to name a few.

Logic takes us on a journey of his experiences in life, in particular focusing on the fact that he is of mixed race and how his white skin effects this. It’s hard to write about this album without spoiling the experience so I’m going to link it on Spotify below. Just know that you need to listen to this album from start to finish right through to fully appreciate it!

I’m loving every track on this album so far but if I had to choose one, my standout track would have to be “Confess” featuring Killer Mike from Run The Jewels, it has a very Summer-y vibe to it and I’m absolutely living for Summer at the moment!

The Old

Whilst waiting for the new Logic album I went back and listened to his “Young Sinatra” mixtapes which, in turn, got me listening to a bit of Frank this week!

Thanks for reading and listening! What have you been bumping recently? Hit me up on Twitter and Facebook and let me know!

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