Get Hollie To India! (24 Hour Fast For Charity!)

Hey guys! So if you follow me on my socials (linked below), you’ll know that I have an upcoming 24 hour fast to raise funds for The Hope Foundation and for my friend Hollie to go to India this Summer to work with them. I’ll be fasting between Sunday 18th (tomorrow) and Monday 19th of February for 24 hours. Some might consider this an easy task, not me. I love food (probably a little too much), so this will be a challenge! You can donate below to the GoFundMe, 100% of the money raised is going to The Hope Foundation and aides the amazing work they do in India! If you can’t donate, feel free to share with your friends and help get the word out! If you’ve already donated, thank you! Every single cent is very much appreciated!

You can donate at this link:

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