Kanye West: “The Life Of Pablo” Review

Note: This review may be complete shit because there’s so much to the album it’s hard to keep things short-ish.

Finally. Finally after announcing that he was releasing an album in September, October or November 2014, Kanye West has dropped his new album “So Help Me God” “SWISH” “Waves” “The Life Of Pablo”. Fans such as myself have been on the edge of our seats for nearly 2 years waiting for this album to drop. We thought we were getting it when Kanye released “Only One” on New Years Day 2015. We thought we were getting it when Kanye premiered “Wolves” during his Yeezy Season 1 fashion show in February 2015 announcing it as the first track off his new album. We thought we were getting it when Kanye released “All Day” in March last year. We thought we had it when Kanye released “FACTS” on New Years Day this year. It’s safe to say that the last year has been a rollercoaster of false hope for Kanye fans.

This is an album that has gone through FOUR name changes and about as many tracklist changes. The album was supposed to release after Kanye West’s Yeezy Season 3 fashion show last Thursday. Kanye Tweeted out on Friday that he was applying some finishing touches but assured us that the album was coming out that day. Spoiler alert, it didn’t and it’s all Chance The Rapper’s fault. Chance fought hard to get “Waves” a song that was removed put back on the album, and somehow convinced Kanye away from his own vision and hey presto the album got delayed another day to finish off that said song. Facts about the album aside, here’s my review of “The Life Of Pablo”, the Gospel album with curse words.


There was a lot of pressure on Kanye West surrounding his seventh studio album “The Life Of Pablo”. The hype surrounding it’s release after his last album “Yeezus” was received with mixed reviews. With “Yeezus” you either loved it or hated it. With “The Life Of Pablo” Kanye was on a mission to make it a case that you either love it or love it. He claimed it as being the best album of all time as only Kanye West could.

The album’s opener “Ultralight Beam” featuring Chance The Rapper and Kirk Franklin backs up the claim of the album being considered a Gospel Album.  From there the album goes from new height to new height. This is the first album from Kanye which I love every single song on. The Life Of Pablo feels like a big mixture of Kanye’s work up to this point. It’s almost like a greatest hits album full of new hits.

As the album goes on, so do the features. In total 13 other artists are featured including big names such as Rihanna, Chris Brown, The Weeknd and Frank Ocean to name a few. The inclusion of Frank Ocean really caught everyone off guard as he seemed to have gone completely off the radar as of late. Ocean appears on “Wolves” which debuted last year and featured Vic Mensa and Sia, both have since been removed from the track for some unknown reason.

Side Note: Fuck you Kanye for the lyrics on the track “Feedback”: “With all these gossiping, no-pussy-getting bloggers“.

Kanye even gets the chance to poke fun at himself on the song “I Love Kanye”, yes he titled a song that. It’s almost like a skit where Kanye raps about Kanye in the third person. The album also includes a re-released version of “Facts” which was released at the start of the year. This time with a new (much better) beat.

When I found out that Chance The Rapper convinced ‘Ye to postpone the album so it would include “Waves” I was mad. This anger went away after hearing the track, Chance made a very good call. The track which features Chris Brown is incredible!

As much as I want to, I can’t go track by track with this review because you could probably write a whole book about this album if you wanted to go in depth. Of the 17 tracks it’s hard to pick my favourites but I have to say I most enjoyed  : “Father Stretch My Hands Pt. 1”, “Feedback”, “Highlights”, “FML” and “Ultralight Beam”. But as I said, it’s hard to chose this album seems to be hit after hit after hit.

Overall “The Life Of Pablo” absolutely more than delivers and was totally worth the excruciating wait! It’s definitely up there with Kanye’s very best work if it isn’t his actual best work. It’s a rare thing for an album to live up to and surpass the hype surrounding it but Kanye West has pulled it off in this album. I give “The Life Of Pablo” a 10/10 despite the strange cover art! “The Life Of Pablo” is currently available to stream and buy through TIDAL and is expected to be available on other platforms sometime next week.

Enjoy Kanye announcing that the album had dropped after his SNL performance last night:

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