The Struggles of Public Transport, as told by Kanye West!

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This week I’m going to talk about my least favourite part of the “college experience” taking public transport.

In this post I’ll be combining something I love with something I loath. I’m going to let Kanye take this one away and walk you through the emotional roller-coaster of taking public transport to college on the day to day.

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MorningI get the 7:15 train every morning. This is an accurate representation of my feelings towards conversation at that time.


When I’m sitting in a section all alone happy out and someone decides to sit right next to me, not across from me, next to me despite there being about a million other free seats on the carriage!


¬†When the train is busy and you get caught on the inside of a full section. Also relevant for when you’re on a full bus and you get caught standing in a small space along with about 10 other people!


When you do end up getting a section of the train all to yourself.. SO. MUCH. LEGROOM!


When you’re on a late train and know that there’ll be no workers patrolling the carriages so you can put your feet on the opposite seat without being worried about getting fined.


Playing accidental footsie with the person sitting across from you. More than once..


Getting caught in a section across from a couple who really need to get a room.. Take your PDA elsewhere, you animals!




Finally, when the month is up and you have to pay for another monthly ticket!

So yeah, Public Transport..

Don't Like


Until Next Time,

Adam Gilroy

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