Small Things To Make You Smile On Blue Monday!

Today is Blue Monday, what’s that you ask? Blue Monday is supposedly the most depressing day of the year. Some scientists or mathematicians or something came up with some formula to work it out. It actually started with a press release from some travel company who worked it in 2005 but has been celebrated ever since. (If celebrated is even the correct word to use…)

January does admittedly get a bit shit in the middle though, doesn’t it? Christmas is well over, the New Year buzz has kind of worn off, and Summer still feels ages away!

Today we’re going to have a little group therapy session here at Gilroy’s World. Let’s get fucking happy with these small reasons to smile today!

The evenings are getting longer

We’re a few weeks passed the shortest day of the year (well, last year) which only means one thing. We are very close to “grand stretch in the evening” territory! The days of spending every daylight hour in work/college/school are quickly coming to an end! This also runs us into the next point.

Bruno Mars is dropping music like this

Don’t even tell me that’s not a reason to be happy!

Summer isn’t as far away as it seems

Think of it this way. We’re already half-way through January, then we have February which is the shortest month of the year. Then we’re into March which is when we really start to see Spring which is lovely. Then April we get our long evenings back and before we know it, it’s May. Summer really starts then!

This video of a manatee honking its nose on some glass

This is, and always will be my go-to happy video. Watch with sound on for the full effect.

We’re already nearly 1/4 way through Trump’s Presidency

Well, we hope!

You can read!

Well, I’m assuming so if you’re here. Well done you!

This Eddie Murphy joke

Is it childish? Yes. Is it hilarious? Also yes.

Blue Monday isn’t real and was only made up by someone’s marketing department

It’s only a load of bollocks anyway, isn’t it? Yeah, January is hard but we shouldn’t leave a fake made up “holiday” ruin our buzz! A wise man once said, “Every little thing is gonna be alright”

How are you keeping a smile on your face this Blue Monday? Hit me up on SnapchatTwitterFacebook, and Instagram and share your techniques!

Until next time,

Jokes and memes aside, this time of year can be a very hard one for people. It’s always very important to take care of ourselves, especially our mental health. Find some useful resources below if you find yourself struggling and need someone to turn to:

The Samaritans
Free phone: 116 123

Aware (Depression, Bi-Polar Disorder & Anxiety)
Tel: 1800 80 48 48


Pieta House (Suicide & Self-harm)
National Suicide Helpline (Pieta House) 1800 247 247
Tel: 01 623 5606 (Online one to one or group counselling)

Grow (Mental Health support and Recovery)
Tel: 1890 474 474

Bodywhys (Eating Disorders Associations of Ireland)
1890 200 444

Irish Advocacy Network (Peer advocacy in mental health)
Tel: 01 872 8684

IACP (Counselling & Psychotherapy)
Tel: 01 230 3536

Irish Council for Psychotherapy (Counselling & Psychotherapy)
Tel: 01 905 8698

Shine (Supporting people effected by mental ill health)


1800 66 66 66 24hr a day

One to one chat – 10am-4am

Text BULLY or TALK or HELP to 50101 from 10am to 4am

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