Sunday Stuff #1

Hello World!

I’ve decided that every Sunday I’m going to post some cool/interesting/funny stuff I’ve found during the week! So starting this week every Sunday will consist of a round-up of stuff I’ve enjoyed the previous week!

#1: “Remember When Nostalgia Was Good?”

This week CollegeHumour did a fantastic sketch on being nostalgic about nostalgia, well worth a watch!

 #2: “She’s such a slut! – The Realities of Slut-Shaming”

If you read anything this week let it be this! A well written, insightful post about a topic that really isn’t discussed enough, that topic being “slut-shaming” and the (sometimes fatal) affects it can have on young girls’ lives. You can read the post HERE. But why stop with that I’d well recommend reading other posts from that blog you won’t be disappointed!

#3: Kendrick Lamar’s “All Day” demo.

Anybody who’s even remotely following the hip-hop and rap scene on Twitter should be familiar with this story. Last week we got to hear what originally seemed to be a verse from a remix of Kanye West’s most recent single “All Day” but earlier this week it was revealed that what we heard was only a demo from an early version of the song which leaked in it’s entirety this week! The song also contains Kanye’s original verses from a rough version of the song which leaked last August and a new intro and hook sung by Theophilus London along with an alternate version of the ending to the song sung by Sir Paul McCartney. You can tell that Kanye took some inspiration from Kendrick’s demo verse for the final cut of the song for his own verses. Regardless of whether it’s only a demo or not, it’s still pretty solid and I for one wouldn’t mind hearing a full remix with Kendrick Lamar involved!

#4: Electronic Repair Shops.

Yes, number 4 on my list this week goes out to electronic repair shops. This week started tragically for me when I managed to smash the screen of my iPhone .Now, for anyone who knows me they’ll know that one thing that I’m really adamant on is keeping all my electronics in pristine condition especially my phone! I’ve rarely gotten so much as a scratch on the screens of any phone I’ve owned previously so you can imagine the heartbreak in seeing my whole screen shattered after an incident involving a loose pocket and a car door. Luckily for me the damage didn’t last too long as the next day I brought it into an electronic repair shop and had a new screen put in within an hour!

As you can see below, the phone got pretty banged up but was returned to me in better condition than before the accident! A bit pricey at €95 but at least I can see what’s on my screen!


#5: 27 Nature Vines That Will Calm You.

I’m ending this week’s inaugural Sunday Stuff with BuzzFeed’s article on vines #6SecondsOfCalm hashtag because why not end the week on a calm?

With short 6 second loops such as this:


Read the full article HERE with more relaxing Vines to end your week on a peaceful note!

See you next week!
Adam Gilroy

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