The 7 People You’ll Meet Out On Halloween!

Well, it’s that time of year again when kids dress up and go trick or treating college students dress up and consume copious amounts of alcohol all in the spirit of Halloween. These are some of those people you are almost guaranteed to meet out on a college night out around Halloween!

#7: Priest/Nun

You’re always going to see at least 3 priests in any given club on a Halloween student night. It’s nice and simple really! The real troopers in the divine costume section have to be the male nuns my mitre goes off to you and your dedication. Bonus points also go to the priests with the “Down with this sort of thing” and “Careful now” signs!

Careful now

#6: Super Mario Bros.

Every year for the last three years I’ve gone out for Halloween there’s always been at least one pair dressed up as the Super Mario Bros. or else their female alternatives “The Sexy Plumber Sisters” consisting of ‘sexy red plumber’ and ‘sexy green plumber’ because technically that’s not copyright, right?

Sexy Red Sexy Green

#5: Minions


fuck off.


Fuck Off.



#4: Banana

There’s a myth that if you eat too many bananas you will overdose on potassium. If you want a rough idea of how many bananas that would take just have a look around the clubs on Halloween. Banana suits also enable you to become a walking pick-up line, win-win!


#3: Onesies

The ultimate “I’m going out tonight and I forgot to buy a costume” costume. Simple yet somewhat efficient. Side effects may include heat stroke.

#2: Joker

Ever since Batman became popular again, everyone wants to be The Joker. Last night alone I found myself surrounded by about three jokers and that was before I even got into any club! The Joker is a costume that you can pull off extremely well or not at all, there’s no middle ground. Harley Quinn also springs to mind here, admittedly The Joker and Harley Quinn makes for a seriously kick-ass couples costume! And with Suicide Squad just around the corner expect to see a lot of Jokers, and even more next year!

good joker

Sometimes it works.

bad joker

Sometimes, not so much.

#1: The Cat, Duh!

They say that nothing is impossible, unfortunately that theory gets debunked every Halloween because it is literally impossible to go out and not encounter at least 50 girls dressed as ‘cats’. I say ‘cats’ because in most cases a girl dressed as a ‘cat’ is a girl dressed in a little black clothing as possible but it’s okay because she has cat ears on so she’s a cat, DUH! It’s almost as if there’s some unwritten rule that a woman can’t be taken seriously until she has dressed up as a cat for Halloween at least once in their lifetime. Saying that, Halloween is probably the only time that I’ll admit that I’m a cat person! Let’s face it, you never see a good dog costume!


Not quite the cat costume you’d expect to see.


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